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Catskills Irish Arts Week 2022

Class with Michael Rooney

Excellent class with Michael Rooney in July 2022. Great lectures from the late Mick Molone. I feel so lucky to have met him and heard his outstanding lectures. Well worth going.

September 15, 2020

Colorado Public Radio show, Colorado Matters, called for an interview about my new CD! It aired September 15. Click here to listen to the spot- it's about 4 minutes long. It features clips from tracks from the CD, and a bit of info about the pieces.

It was fun to be interviewed, CPR team did a super job putting the segment together!

I had fun painting this December, this one is for Wren Day.

I had fun painting this December, this one is for Wren Day.

Tiny Desk 2020 The Road to South Stream 

My fifth year to enter Tiny Desk Contest. This year's entry, a piece I wrote for my sister, who lives in Vermont, which now, in April 202, feels like a million miles a way. Music helps my aching heart, that's for sure!

December 2019 



December found us in Vail. Lovely hike up Booth Creek, played a concert at the Vail Library, spent the night at the Sitzmark, skiied/ snow shoed up Shrine Pass. Who should we see skiing down but the Rossi's from Yampa!. Small world.

Boulder Harp Studio Concert at Library- 22nd Annual Holiday Harp Concert. Fourteen in the ensemble this year- they played beautifully!

Lots of playing in the candlelight this month- last gig of the year is the best... Christmas eve at St john's Episcopal Church in Boulder. Playing with Tom Morgan... exquisite.


Heading up to Yampa Colorado to play a Concert with Flutist Belinda Rossi.

Friday, 7:30 Yampa Bible Church, Main Street. free

In the Valley of The Golden Gate 

Just entered the Tiny Desk Contest 2019 with this composition.

Give it a listen, hope you enjoy.

(For better listening, click on youtube to open in youtube)