Harpist, Teacher, Composer, Recording Artist


Ever the New Time Comes

Krimmel's expansive compositions for solo harp are joyful and reflective inviting the listener to imagine landscape and story.

What folks are saying:

"This is Margot Krimmel at her very best.  Every piece in this collection is exquisite.  I am carried away, soothed, uplifted, enchanted... and amazed that we have such a timeless genius in our midst."   Laura Melling, Dancer, poet, Myth and Movement; Taos, New Mexico


"This is a very fine collection of compositions, indeed! Creating a solo effort is not something for the timid! Harpist Margot Krimmel, is no stranger to the world of Celtic music. With this, her latest project, she has given us a beautiful gift of both lush and sprightly compositions in the most intimate of settings, namely, just her and her harp.” Ken Carpenter- Banjo, cello, artist, and humor; Vail CO


“Margot is a badass. She’s that rare combination of well educated, well practiced and innately musical. She’s also got a style, taste and personality that she brings to music that’s enthralling. All of that makes for a listening experience you KNOW is special and can’t describe why ... but you’re smiling while you think that.” _______ John McVey, Cinder Sound Studio April 2020

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