Crestone Asana & Meditaion Retreat

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Crestone Mountain Zen Center, 2000 Dreamway, Crestone, Colorado 81131, Crestone, CO

Retreat with Jeanie Manchester- I'll be playing for some classes. The Goddess, Lalita Tripura Sundari represents our power of attraction. Her essence is divine beauty. Every cell, every word, every gesture is her divine play of consciousness. Come learn the power of mantra, meditation, mythic lore, postures and practices that take us to our heart. We come to learn the power of an awakened consciousness and how that is potent for living a fulfilled and joyous life. This dome we practice in is truly a stunning place to do our yoga practices connecting us to nature through the natural light that beams through its center. Jeanie Manchester Yogini weaves myth, mudra, mantra, magic and movement together bringing the extraordinary into everyday life.

Highlights of the retreat include:

Early morning and afternoon meditation sessions to mark the auspicious times of the day where meditation is most potent. Twice daily asana sessions with journal writing and group interaction. Pranayama, mantra, philosophy, and meditation instruction Daily free time to rest, write and walk Delicious home made meals by the famous Zen monks known for their fresh garden and creative cooking. Local hot springs, hiking and a water hole for plunging