NEW harp! Dusty Strings Serrana

I've known for years my beautiful Rydecki harp was nearing it's end. The crack in the neck had been getting worse and worse and finally, this August, made it unplayable. I won't lie, it's pretty rough loosing that harp- nothing sounds like it did.

This Serrana is my new love- I think it helps that's it's really different than the Rydecki. Extra light string tension makes playing jigs and reels fun. Narrower string spacing hasn't been much of an issue, except I have to watch my hands for now, until I get more used to it. The Serrana really comes alive when I plug it in.

Some of my pieces work better on the Serrana than others. I tend to compose to the harps' voice. It's exciting hearing this new voice, and I'm really excited to compose new pieces for it. Lots of texture and rhythm in this harp.

I think the bright upper range of the Serrana is perfect for Howard Blake's masterpiece, Walking In the Air. Let me know what you think. By the way, this arrangement is available from Harps Nouveau, Kolancy Music in Denver. And I recorded it a few years back on 'Icy December' (on my pedal harp, which also has a lovely voice...)